Roaming through the notes on my phone, desperately trying to find my feeding chart from when Sebastien was a new born, and I stumbled across this; 


Bleary eyed Mum, with her still swollen tum, 

Teeny tiny infant with his milk drunk existence, 

Sleep deprived Dad has become house-proud mad;

his Wife so teary happy she seems almost sad. 

Cups of tea in the mornings and hugs all day long, more food for mama so her boy is big and strong

Walks in the afternoon, chest puffed out with pride, slow down says mama, I can’t keep your stride. 


Well. There you have it. A poem inspired by sleep deprivation and a massive attack of the baby blues. 
Just for interest, hers a snippet of the feeding chart I was looking for ! 


Blog post on the start of my BF journey to follow soon! Zx