Breaking the (Dummy) Habit

Pre children, I swore dummies (paci/pacifier to some of you!) were horrible plastic things designed for lazy parents and destined to cause a lifetime of dental and speech problems. (Oh to be the naive judgey pre babies me once again! Ha. I'd slap myself!)  Then I had children, and everything changed! (Because that never happens!) ... Continue Reading →


Winter Training

How to train properly in winter.

One Man & His Mistress

For those of us who compete on the Road Circuit the traditional season usually lasts from March to October. The other months are for resting but at some point in order to be fit and competitive for the next season you have to start training which leads us onto winter training.

Lets be honest there are few people who like to do hours and hours in the dark and rain but sometimes that is what’s required. My training is broken down into phases so for example the majority of mid to late October is dedicated to rest and recuperation. Early November see’s a slow but steady start with the majority dedicated to steady zone 1-2 riding a bit of jogging and some light gym work. Its more maintenance  fitness to be honest as I think if you were to start doing intervals at this time of the year its easy to fall into a…

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