Army wife, Cycling widow, Mama

Midnight Lullaby

Under the darkness of the sky. I run to you as you cry


I thought you would still be here

I thought you would still be here. For those midnight phone calls with a listening ear. The daily emails- Dad Jokes galore. I never thought I'd miss those before. For the times that adulthood had me overwhelmed...

Life through a screen 

Please put the tech down.

Benign is not Ok

I still have tumour in my head. A small part that cannot be removed. It could be blasted with Gamma Knife, and potentially chemo, but this would be life extending, not life saving.

No Bake Cheese Free Cheesecake

Yes. Cheese free Cheesecake.  I'll start by explaining myself.   On Thursday I set out with the intention of making a Raspberry cheesecake in preparation for Sebastien's 3rd birthday, only to realise I didn't have any cream cheese in the... Continue Reading →

Today You Turn Three

Happy Birthday little man, 3 years, That's crazy!

10 for 10 Blogger Award

A blogger award with a twist. Who will be at your table?

Toddler to the rescue

Call an Ambulance Mama, quickly!

To the GP that thought she was doing the right thing 

I hope however, that no parent has to go through the rigmarole that I went through, because it was painful, discouraging and embarrassing.

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