Midnight Lullaby

As the day draws to a close. I sing you lullabies and prose.

In the stillness of the night. I answer to your cry of fright.

As the dawn is drawing near, I hold you as you shake with fear.

The birds outside start to sing. I keep you safe under my wing.

You are my little. My strong and mighty. You still need me to hold you tightly.

The nights are long oh little one, but call for me and I will come.

I will be there a million times. To hold your hand. To sing sweet rhymes.

I’m so weary I could weep. My darling child, why can’t you sleep?

Under the darkness of the sky. I run to you as you cry.

The monster there under your bed? He’s only really in your head.

For now at least , my precious boy. I’ll be your protector. Your safe place your buoy.

One day you won’t need me in the dead of the night. You won’t wake up with a sudden fright. One day you’ll be grown. So big and strong but for now my child, I’ll sing you one more song.

Much love, Mama.

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