Birth: Our story 

People love nothing more, when they see you waddling towards them, with your rounded ready-to-pop belly, than to relay to you all the crazy, scary, bloody gooey details of any birth they have seen/experienced/heard about/seen on tv etc. Birth, on the grand scale of things, is a very very small part of becoming a parent, at... Continue Reading →

Toddler Ramblings 

If I could script Sebastien's day, It would sound something much like the below, of course, in this script, you cannot see or hear the whining, or the full blown "throw myself on the floor and kick and scream tantrum" (and that's just me!) but despite it being like living with a mini Jekyll and... Continue Reading →

First kiss 

Teenager came bouncing through the front door this afternoon.  Her face said it all! She didn't just have the glowing cheeks of someone walking on a chilly autumn evening.  Oh no. This girl is positively glowing! I couldn't help it  OHMyGodWhoDidYouKissTellMeEVERYTHING (Tried desperately to be parent like, turned in to over excited big sister, oh... Continue Reading →

Ticket to fame 

   We live in a world of immediate gratification.  We Instagram our weddings, live tweet our babies births, vlog (that's video logging, apparently) our puppies' first sneeze, and spend hours agonising over which Pinterest inspired engagement/baby announcement we need most to wow our fellow facebookers. Political disagreements are won based on comment likes, (no different... Continue Reading →

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