Teenager came bouncing through the front door this afternoon. 
Her face said it all! She didn’t just have the glowing cheeks of someone walking on a chilly autumn evening. 
Oh no. This girl is positively glowing! I couldn’t help it 


(Tried desperately to be parent like, turned in to over excited big sister, oh well!) 

“The boy. THE boy I’ve been talking you about since the start of school. Him. OMG. We were both so nervous! So very nervous. Do you remember your first kiss? Omg. I’m so happy we were behind the sheds, near the bike sheds. Ahhh. Yay. I think we are “going out” now. It was not just a kiss. We are now going out. But in secret. But oh my god I now feel like my tummy is all upside down” 

This delivered with the high pitched breathless enthusiasm that only a teenage girl can muster! 
Ahh bless her. This excitement, I know, will invariably be followed by a snotty nosed distraught teenager at some point, and I’ll be here with Kleenex and hot chocolate (until she’s old enough for vodka and swearing) 
But for now, I will listen to her excitedly chatter on about how maybe they could go to Costa, or maybe even the Cinema for their first date, and can myself or Mike drive them? Pretty please?

Ahh. Young love’s first kiss. It’s so sweet! 

update March 2017: There have been plenty more teenage romances, one even serious enough for us to meet his parents, alas- it didnt last. Now as she heads in to the world of mock exams her focus is on her studies. (yay!)

(And no, I actually cannot remember my first kiss, but I can tell you that after 5 years together, I still get butterflies every time hubby and I kiss!) 

Mother of Teenagers