Toddler Ramblings 

If I could script Sebastien’s day, It would sound something much like the below, of course, in this script, you cannot see or hear the whining, or the full blown “throw myself on the floor and kick and scream tantrum” (and that’s just me!) but despite it being like living with a mini Jekyll and Hyde, I wouldn’t change a single tantrum, or renounce a single 3 hour bedtime battle, or snot faced hug. 

I want it NOW. 
You were 0.0006 seconds too late with it, get it out of my sight. 
Where did you put it I want it.

No, not that it. The it I don’t want but do want but doesn’t feel right anymore. 

I’m hungry. Not that hungry. This hungry. Actually, your idea was better, no wait, what do you have? Oh it looks so much nicer on your plate. I need that. 

No. It’s not the same as what I have. You have yours. I want yours. Not mine. No. I’m not hungry anymore. You can’t be hungry either. No. Stop eating. Give it to ME. No, the it from earlier. Don’t touch my lunch. I’ve not finished with it. Just because it’s smushed in the carpet doesn’t mean I don’t want *yawn* I don’t want it. I need this. And that. *yawn* nope. Not tired. No no no. Not in your arms. NOT tired. 

Wow. What is that smell? That’s me? Ha no. I like the smell. Don’t change me. Nooooooo. But I NEED my stinky nappy. I need it *yawn* oh mama. I’m sleepy. I’ll sleep here. No. Not here. There. There over there. Yes. That place. Oh. But can I have hugs, no! Don’t touch me, hug me. Don’t touch me. What was that noise. Oh I must investigate. Ooh. Look. It is back. I need it. I need food. I’m hungry mama. Mama. MAMA. WHERE is dada. Dada will get it. I know. On the phone. Dada on the phone. But Dada. I need dad dad dad *yawn* oh! The doorbell hiya hiya hiya. Why can’t I go with them. Mama they have it. I need It. Hug me Mama. Where is my food. No not my food. Your food that is my food. Not that food. This food. Where is it. No. It! It mama. It! Let me sit with you mama. I need your nose. Yes. I can pull it off. Oh no. Maybe your hair. I love your hair. *yawn* nap time mama.  

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