The lump In My Breast

As an adult there are many things we have to check. Check the doors are locked. Check the lights are off. Check your bank balance, check on the kids before bed, check the tyre pressure on your car, check the weather. An endless list of things that we do, probably without even a second thought. ... Continue Reading →

London Dynamo RR

Welcome to West Sussex.    Welcome to a Sunday "summer" road race. Although, someone forgot to tell the sunshine to join in. It's 13 degrees, the rain is sideways and sending little rivers snaking down the road. Sebastien is currently sleeping, grumpy from his 07am wake up call (although I can't help but feel a... Continue Reading →

Lycrawidow and the Mistress

Why lycrawidow?  My Twitter page was created some 3 or 4 years ago. Like most new social media sites, my biggest stumbling block was the little box entitled; Username  It took a good few days to decide on Lycrawidow, but as soon as that name popped up in my little head, I knew it was... Continue Reading →

Teenager’s Mama. 

We've been thrown, head first, in to a world we didn't think we would see for at least another 4 years. That is the world of schools.  As of now, my husband and I are officially guardians for my 13 yr old sister. A few months back, she turned our world upside down, by announcing... Continue Reading →

It takes a village to raise a baby 

"It takes a village to raise a baby" I say this, because, it really isn't something you should do alone. Surround yourself with people that can and will help you!  13 months of breastfeeding. That's how far we've come. (So far) These 13 months have possibly been the biggest learning curve of my life. They've... Continue Reading →

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