Teenager’s Mama. 

We’ve been thrown, head first, in to a world we didn’t think we would see for at least another 4 years. That is the world of schools. 
As of now, my husband and I are officially guardians for my 13 yr old sister. A few months back, she turned our world upside down, by announcing she didn’t want to go back to France
Since then, we have been through solicitors, legal fees and planning another house move to accommodate Claire. We now have a 3 bedroomed house all lined up, and we move in at the end of August. This will be our 4 th house move in a little under 2 years. This means it will also be the 4th house for Sebastien, who will be just 15 months old when we move. 
I’m currently trying to work out how the hell to entertain a 13yr old girl, what chores do I give her? How much freedom? How much pocket money? Is 8pm bedtime unreasonable? What happens when she brings a boy (or girl) home? 
Amongst those thoughts, is the constant refreshing of my inbox, the hope that every time the postman pops something through my door, it will be the much awaited letter from Hampshire council, announcing we have her first choice school. 
The constant browsing of Pinterest, online sales, eBay and Amazon, desperately searching for all the items a teenager may need. The emails back and forth, what’s her favourite colour? How big are the windows in the new house? Would she like a purple lamp or the butterfly one? 
Will she settle in to school ok? Will she be the “new girl” the outsider? Will she thrive under a new curriculum after years of French education? 

More importantly, will she be happy? Will Mike and I be able to create the secure and happy home she craves? It remains to be seen, but I know for a fact now matter what, she is loved unconditionally and always will be. 

Now a family of 4! (5 if you count the cat, MissLucy) c


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