I thought you would still be here

I thought you would still be here. For those midnight phone calls with a listening ear. The daily emails- Dad Jokes galore. I never thought I'd miss those before. For the times that adulthood had me overwhelmed...

Am I Wife/Mama enough?

You only regret the choices you never made. The things you never tried, the moments you didn't say yes to.  Apparently.  What about the other side of the coin? The choice you did make? The "yes" that you did utter? Do you regret that? Was it the right choice? Would the grass be greener if... Continue Reading →

Teenage angst (an open letter to Mum) 

I thought letting Claire talk about things would help to get it out of her system, you know, that's how it works isn't it? You talk about it. You analyse, you approach it rationally as well as emotionally, you empathise, encourage, listen to what she has to say, and then she learns to handle her... Continue Reading →

Birth: Our story 

People love nothing more, when they see you waddling towards them, with your rounded ready-to-pop belly, than to relay to you all the crazy, scary, bloody gooey details of any birth they have seen/experienced/heard about/seen on tv etc. Birth, on the grand scale of things, is a very very small part of becoming a parent, at... Continue Reading →

First kiss 

Teenager came bouncing through the front door this afternoon.  Her face said it all! She didn't just have the glowing cheeks of someone walking on a chilly autumn evening.  Oh no. This girl is positively glowing! I couldn't help it  OHMyGodWhoDidYouKissTellMeEVERYTHING (Tried desperately to be parent like, turned in to over excited big sister, oh... Continue Reading →

It Takes a village to raise a baby (part ii)

Thanks for hopping over from Quite Frankly She Said  and welcome to my post for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger HuntDay 6: The People Behind The Breastfeeder; sponsors today include ARDO Breastpumps who are giving away a Calypso Single Breastpump, Breastvest who are offering an essential breastvest duo (1x black and 1x white) in your... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding: The beginning

Thanks for hopping over from Milk and Mummy and welcome to my post for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt Day 1  The Start of My Journey sponsors today include Boobie Milk with a £50 voucher, Cherub Chews who are offering a breastfeeding necklace and Loveyush who are offering a breastfeeding scarf for our Grand Prize winner. Over... Continue Reading →

Teenager’s Mama. 

We've been thrown, head first, in to a world we didn't think we would see for at least another 4 years. That is the world of schools.  As of now, my husband and I are officially guardians for my 13 yr old sister. A few months back, she turned our world upside down, by announcing... Continue Reading →

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