I thought you would still be here

I thought you would still be here.

For those midnight phone calls with a listening ear.

The daily emails- Dad Jokes galore. I never thought I’d miss those before.

For the times that adulthood had me overwhelmed. For moments of anger, you pulled me back to the ground.

We caused so much mischief, we had so much fun. With the Daddy-Daughter double act in which we enlisted.

You were my calm, wise, and infinitely giving. I cry for you in this darkness now you’re no longer living.

I thought you’d still be here. With your infinite wisdom and listening ear.

Laughter, love and tea with biscuits, marmite on toast and a disastrous duck roast. Adventures at night just to look at the stars, racing each other in very fast cars.

You nursed me through illness and helped me to grow, you taught me love has no bounds, and to give stuff a go.

I wish you could see the woman I’ve become. Play with your grandkids, come and stay in our home.

You were my guide, my strength my dearest darling daddy. I wish I could turn back the clock, I wish I could hug you one more time.

I thought you’d still be here.

12 thoughts on “I thought you would still be here

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  1. Zoe, this is really beautifully written and very sad. Although not my biological father I cant imagine life without my dad, so can only really guess at your loss. Sending you huge cyber hugs xx

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  2. It’s not often that someone can leave me speechless… Just ask anyone who knows me personally… But this certainly did.

    I lost my dad when I was 3 years old, so I don’t even remember him. But still I wish he could be here to see his granddaughter. I know how much he would love her.

    This was such a beautiful post. Well done for making my eyes water. That’s a really hard thing to do.

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    1. Hey Gareth. I’m sorry you lost your Dad too. It sucks thinking of all the things we can’t share with our dads. The words just poured out with tears. I wasn’t sure they made sense when I hit publish. Thank you for your kind words. Xx


  3. As a daddy’s girl myself, this brought me to tears. I dread something happening to my dad. I’m sorry you’re missing your dad and I hope all your lovely, happy memories can also be a comfort to you. Xx

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    1. Thank you Helen. It will be 4 years in September since he died (very suddenly) today is his 53rd Birthday. I always find it such a hard day. I was a Daddies girl through and through. I hope you and your Dad still have many years of love and laughter ahead of you xx

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  4. Zoe this is truly beautiful brought tears to eyes and gave me goosebumps. This is easily the best post I have read all year a real emotional rollercoaster. Love and hugs xx

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