I thought you would still be here.

For those midnight phone calls with a listening ear.

The daily emails- Dad Jokes galore. I never thought I’d miss those before.

For the times that adulthood had me overwhelmed. For moments of anger, you pulled me back to the ground.

We caused so much mischief, we had so much fun. With the Daddy-Daughter double act in which we enlisted.

You were my calm, wise, and infinitely giving. I cry for you in this darkness now you’re no longer living.

I thought you’d still be here. With your infinite wisdom and listening ear.

Laughter, love and tea with biscuits, marmite on toast and a disastrous duck roast. Adventures at night just to look at the stars, racing each other in very fast cars.

You nursed me through illness and helped me to grow, you taught me love has no bounds, and to give stuff a go.

I wish you could see the woman I’ve become. Play with your grandkids, come and stay in our home.

You were my guide, my strength my dearest darling daddy. I wish I could turn back the clock, I wish I could hug you one more time.

I thought you’d still be here.