Dearest Darling Daddy Mail

Reading emails from my dearest darling daddy, because, well, because I can, and it makes me smile, as I can still hear his voice when I read them, anyway, I found this little gem from him: There are three cats. A british cat called one two three, a german cat called ein zwei drei and... Continue Reading →

The Fallout. 

Her tears came, thick and fast, chorused by the occasional sob. I knew it was coming. We both did. Her vacant stares, like an indoor cat, gazing out of the window, dreaming of running free. She doesn't want to hurt mum. Doesn't want mum to be alone, doesn't want to abandon her. How can a child feel... Continue Reading →

The need to be a mother 

little man is 8.5 months now, and changing every day.  Someone said to me when he was born, that you could literally "watch them grow" I didn't realise then, how true that is. He's crawling now, copying  things that adults do, watching intently, in his own little world of discovery. He's fascinating. Enchanting. Tiring and... Continue Reading →

Back to reality. 

The 23rd of February. That's the date she gave me. When I say she, I mean the nurse. Lovely, chatty, consummate professional. She will be there on the day. An entire day, In the Walton centre.  MRI/CT, bloods, the lot.  It's been almost 4.5 years. 4.5 years. In that time I've met the man of... Continue Reading →

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