The need to be a mother 

little man is 8.5 months now, and changing every day. 
Someone said to me when he was born, that you could literally “watch them grow” I didn’t realise then, how true that is. He’s crawling now, copying  things that adults do, watching intently, in his own little world of discovery. He’s fascinating. Enchanting. Tiring and so utterly mesmerising all at once. 
Somewhere in the depths of my core, things are stirring. That bubbling aching need for another baby. It’s been there for a while now, but with every passing day, it nags a little more. Like a hang nail, every so often, you catch it on something, and that pang of pain, that momentary aching, takes your breath away. 

For now. Just for now, until my scan, until we know that we are clear for at least another 12 months, with baited breath we shall wait. 

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