We hear keys in the lock, and run to the door

“Just a minute everyone, I need to take this call”

“How was your day? Busy you say, 
Ping goes your message tone,

 “Darling I’ve things more important to do, than be in the room, with the kids and you”

The laptop chirps its merry song. Here in the room, life goes on. 
“Look at me Daddy” the children shout

“Just a minute I’m sorting this out”

The children whinge and whine and whimper,

“Silence please I’m sorting the printer”

“Sweetheart, please it’s half past 10”
an important email.

“I’d best reply then”

You’ll do anything for anyone,
but please my dear,
even when you are home, we’ve never really got you alone

The emails, WhatsApps and important phone calls.
The group chats the voicemails, all for a good cause. 

We know you work hard. We know you do it for us,
but please,
put down the tech
and we’ll stop making a fuss.