The Newborn’s Stomach

I can’t word this better myself. This is so important for new mum’s to understand.


I see many new families in the hospital, breastfeeding clinic, and in their homes with my private practice, and I hear many common questions.  One of the recurring themes comes across in statements like “my baby can’t be getting very much” or “my baby is feeding so frequently, I must not have milk. This cannot be normal!”  There are many charts on the Internet that show an illustration of the size of a newborn’s stomach, I felt putting these illustrations into real world sizes we can see would be helpful.

Below is an illustration I have created showing the approximate size and volume of a newborn’s stomach on day one, day three, at one week, and at one month.  Newborns’ tummies are tiny, and cannot/should not take in large volumes, so they need to feed frequently.  In the first day or two, their little tummy fills with 2-15 ml during…

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Come on Mama! 

Ugh. If something stresses me out, it's getting the brood out of the house. No. Really. As soon as we all need to leave as a family, I can feel the stress levels rising. Leaving the house just with the toddler is relatively stress free, but, add husband and teen to the mix, and it... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding Open Letter

Can we please get this seen, heard, read - it matters! It's not about breastmilk vs formula, bressure, mummy wars or whatever else you might think. It's about huge cuts to spending that are leading to women & children being failed by the system. The people who signed this letter are experts. Why aren't the... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side Of Mama

"I must shout less"  I hear myself say it. The little angel on my shoulder claps with glee. Yes! Shout less she says. You'll be happier.  Shouting makes me miserable. Yet  still I do it. I do it all the time. Every time I hear myself shout, I hate myself a little more.  The shouting isn't... Continue Reading →

Sentimental Clutter 

A few weeks ago, I started my journey to become a domestic goddess. This was mostly aided by 3 exciting new toys. A carpet cleaner, a steam cleaner and a humble little book (the life changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo, or KM)  intended to inspire me to declutter the house.  Never did I imagine... Continue Reading →

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