Breastfeeding Open Letter

Can we please get this seen, heard, read – it matters! It’s not about breastmilk vs formula, bressure, mummy wars or whatever else you might think. It’s about huge cuts to spending that are leading to women & children being failed by the system.
The people who signed this letter are experts. Why aren’t the government and the media listening to them?

On Tuesday 9 February, health visitors, midwives, paediatricians, GPs, lactation consultants, breastfeeding counsellors, peer supporters, university researchers, professional organisations and charities signed a letter calling for action by the UK Government and National Assemblies of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to support mothers to breastfeed.
“The breastfeeding crisis in the UK is in fact a crisis of lack of support for those mothers who choose to breastfeed.”

“The success or failure of breastfeeding should not be seen solely as the responsibility of the woman. Her ability to breastfeed is very much shaped by the support and the environment in which she lives. There is a broader responsibility of governments and society to support women through policies and programmes in the community.”

Read the Letter here!

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