10 for 10 Blogger Award

A blogger award with a twist. Who will be at your table?

Leibster Award

Squeee! An award! Little ol me has been nominated for the Liebster award by the beautiful Maria over at  Mummytologan Now I'm very new to this, so let’s crack on with the rules… Thank the person who nominated you – and display your award with pride Answer the eleven questions put to you by the... Continue Reading →

My Desert Island Discs 

Richard over at Amused and Bemused nominated me to do a post on desert island discs. You can see his list here  This isn't my "normal" blog style and I know my last few posts have all been lists of some sort- and I will get back to the family posts soon, I promise!  For those... Continue Reading →

I Me, Zoe #allaboutme

I blog a lot about parenting and the kids and all things family related right down to home decor, and although I do blog about myself a recent post on twitter from Meannibee means I'm joining in on a fun (slightly rambling) little post that lists 10 things about me (that you may or may not... Continue Reading →

Am I Wife/Mama enough?

You only regret the choices you never made. The things you never tried, the moments you didn't say yes to.  Apparently.  What about the other side of the coin? The choice you did make? The "yes" that you did utter? Do you regret that? Was it the right choice? Would the grass be greener if... Continue Reading →

An open Letter to M&S 

Way back in January, when feeling suitably whale sized in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I stumbled across a Facebook page called "boob or bust" they helped me get out of my ill fitting bra, and in to one that would support me and my expanding bosom to the end of pregnancy and beyond.  7... Continue Reading →

From one Mama to another 

Social media can be a glorious thing.  A few days ago (OK, maybe 2 weeks) a tweet popped up on my Twitter TL from a mama I have been following and sporadically interacting with for a few months.  Jules, like myself, is a mum, a blogger and reaching out to other mamas when she feels... Continue Reading →

Pride Before a Fall

 Day 3 of Vivienne being Earth side.  8:05 am, cue me, in tears calling the midwifery team.  My daughter is 3 days old, I'm breastfeding her and she's swallowing blood. She's my second child and I just cannot do this anymore. I cannot do this.   Just like that. After 18.5 months of breastfeeding Sebastien,... Continue Reading →

Gentle C Section: Our Story

Due to maternal health, I have requested a C section for the birth of my daughter, as after much research, this will be the safest option for both of us. I am aware that I can help our daughter have a calm birth even when born by C-section. I know by helping my daughter have a gentle birth she will benefit emotionally and physically, short and long term.

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