An open Letter to M&S 

Way back in January, when feeling suitably whale sized in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I stumbled across a Facebook page called “boob or bust” they helped me get out of my ill fitting bra, and in to one that would support me and my expanding bosom to the end of pregnancy and beyond. 
7 months on. I am now one of the trainee admins, helping other women like myself find their perfect bra. One thing that is apparent with so many ladies on the page, (over 17,000 members) is how poorly they have been fitted for a bra by retailers such as M&S. The biggest issue being bands that are far too big, and cups that are too small. 
As such, Boob or bust have published their own letter to M&S, coupled with the results of an ongoing survey on the boob or bust page.
You can read the letter Here

Have you had a poor fitting experience with M&S?

 Come and join us over at Boob or Bust or bust and we will help you find your perfect bra 🙂 
*featured image shows poorly fitted 34C from M&S(on the left)  vs properly fitted 28GG (I should actually wear a 26HH, but no where in the uk does that size!!) 

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