Social media can be a glorious thing. 
A few days ago (OK, maybe 2 weeks) a tweet popped up on my Twitter TL from a mama I have been following and sporadically interacting with for a few months. 
Jules, like myself, is a mum, a blogger and reaching out to other mamas when she feels the need to do so. Just recently, she tweeted about expressing milk after a rocky start to breastfeeding (you can read her story here
Now I haven’t expressed much, other than when needed for nights out, and at the start of my journey with Vivienne, but I know that it is tough. Breastfeeding is tough. Pumping is tough, and all the mummy guilt that comes with all the little (big) things we have to do and learn when we become a parent. 

I digress. After a few tweets back and forth I decided that there were two wrap dresses in my wardrobe that would be better off with Jules (as along with all the difficulties that come with expressing, finding a suitable wardrobe to pump in public is an entirely different minefield) and after asking her if she would like them, I put a little parcel together with the wrap dresses. But that didn’t feel like enough, so I threw in a couple of breastmilk bags and some nipple compresses too. It was only when packaging it all that I realised “something” was missing and ended up penning a small poem to include in the parcel. 

Well here is that poem. It’s nothing much, but I think we should all remember this sometimes. 

Let love be your guide

Rest when you’re tired

Eat right, drink well – you’re doing swell

Be proud of your journey

Stand fierce at the helm

It is ok to feel overwhelmed

Sit down in your chair – sod the mombie hair

All covered in milk stains -baby doesn’t care 

The sleep deprivation will make you weep

Trust those that say sleep when baby sleeps

Don’t overthink things – hold your head up high 

Even on days where baby does nothing but cry 

Alas I am no poet – and I’m  fresh out of rhymes 

But believe me mama – you’re doing just fine

Now just to hope that Jules can actually read my writing when she receives  the parcel (if not, it’s here to read)

Not just to Jules, but to all you mamas out there, good luck on your journey. Remember. You’re doing just fine!

with love