Life through a screen 

Please put the tech down.

Am I Wife/Mama enough?

You only regret the choices you never made. The things you never tried, the moments you didn't say yes to.  Apparently.  What about the other side of the coin? The choice you did make? The "yes" that you did utter? Do you regret that? Was it the right choice? Would the grass be greener if... Continue Reading →

Mama In Crisis

My Dad once told me about a button. A button, that on the front says press to test. Naturally, You press it, but as soon as you press it the little display flashes up with release to detonate. This is where I am right now. My finger firmly pressed on the button; stuck. Petrified of... Continue Reading →

Lazy ways of a stay at home mama. 

I wake to the sound of spoons clinking on bowls and grumble about the TV volume. Baby girl opens her big grey brown eyes and unlatches from the breast with a dramatic smack of her lips. The teen announces that she is off to school, and Hubby walks in the room fresh faced from his... Continue Reading →

Come on Mama! 

Ugh. If something stresses me out, it's getting the brood out of the house. No. Really. As soon as we all need to leave as a family, I can feel the stress levels rising. Leaving the house just with the toddler is relatively stress free, but, add husband and teen to the mix, and it... Continue Reading →

It Takes a village to raise a baby (part ii)

Thanks for hopping over from Quite Frankly She Said  and welcome to my post for the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger HuntDay 6: The People Behind The Breastfeeder; sponsors today include ARDO Breastpumps who are giving away a Calypso Single Breastpump, Breastvest who are offering an essential breastvest duo (1x black and 1x white) in your... Continue Reading →

Lycrawidow and the Mistress

Why lycrawidow?  My Twitter page was created some 3 or 4 years ago. Like most new social media sites, my biggest stumbling block was the little box entitled; Username  It took a good few days to decide on Lycrawidow, but as soon as that name popped up in my little head, I knew it was... Continue Reading →

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