For my husband 

I promise to empower you, to support you, and to be patient with you

I will always defend you

I promise to trust you to inspire you, you to comfort you and to excite you

I promise I will never use cruel words or selfish actions,or be careless with your heart

I promise to hold your hand in mine and work with you through the good times and the bad

 I promise to always be your partner in crime and adventure, in tears and in laughter

I promise to be your lover, your sounding board, your co-pilot, your sous-chef, your copywriter and your best friend

I promise to tell you when you are wrong and help you to find the right path, and I promise to listen when you want to help me find the right path to allow us to move forwards together always. 

 I will hold you when you need me and stand proudly by your side forever

I promise that nothing will ever take me away or keep me from loving you. 

I love you always and forever. 

On the 26th of October 2013 I made  these promises to you. These vows written with all my heart and uttered with love. Today I need to remind myself of these vows because they are so much more than just words.

I probably don’t tell you enough just how wonderful you are. 

Nor do I say thank you enough for the things that you do.

Or be patient with you on days when I really should. 

I don’t always use kind words. 

For that. I am sorry. For the days that I’m really not a good wife. A nice wife or even a nice person. For the days I scream at you because your socks are on the bathroom floor, rather than thanking you for making me a cup of tea. I am sorry for the nights where I kiss you on the cheek and bid you good night because I’m too busy being mama, because my tired is more tired than your tired. I’m sorry for the times when my failings are your fault, and the kids misbehaving is definitely down to you. 

There are days where I’m definitely not a good wife. Where I’m distracted by the kids, or too busy with the cleaning or too exhausted or just something other than wife. 

On those days, you pick up the pieces. You spend time with the children. You kiss me and tell me it’s ok. You play with Sebastien. You shush and rock Vivienne, you hug them and hold them and forgo your training on the bike because you can see that I need you at home. You don’t run away. You don’t ignore us, you are there. Even on days where I don’t deserve your help or patience. You are there. 

Michael my darling. My love. My strength. My wings. My anchor. My safe place. My husband. My everything. I love you. Thank you. Thank you for loving me. You are truly wonderful. 

Header photo credit: Fom the soul photography @emmajones100 

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