Today You Turn Three

Happy Birthday little man, 3 years, That's crazy!

Breaking the (Dummy) Habit

Pre children, I swore dummies (paci/pacifier to some of you!) were horrible plastic things designed for lazy parents and destined to cause a lifetime of dental and speech problems. (Oh to be the naive judgey pre babies me once again! Ha. I'd slap myself!)  Then I had children, and everything changed! (Because that never happens!) ... Continue Reading →

Lazy ways of a stay at home mama. 

I wake to the sound of spoons clinking on bowls and grumble about the TV volume. Baby girl opens her big grey brown eyes and unlatches from the breast with a dramatic smack of her lips. The teen announces that she is off to school, and Hubby walks in the room fresh faced from his... Continue Reading →

Cooking up a storm (disaster!) 

I'm not a proud baker. Not in the slightest. I think cakes and bakes have always been a matter of luck rather than charm or talent (and a hefty dose of "cheating") Yes, Dr Oetker, and Betty Crocker I'm looking at you!  It's probably a good thing. Because now we have the toddler. Baking has... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side Of Mama

"I must shout less"  I hear myself say it. The little angel on my shoulder claps with glee. Yes! Shout less she says. You'll be happier.  Shouting makes me miserable. Yet  still I do it. I do it all the time. Every time I hear myself shout, I hate myself a little more.  The shouting isn't... Continue Reading →

Domestic goddess; Pupa

This week hopefully marks the beginning of a turning point in the general cleanliness and day to day running of the household.  I've had 3 very exciting deliveries:  1) Vax Carpet cleaner. 2) Vax steam mop/cleaner 3) The life changing magic of tidying- Marie Kondo   The house isn't a disaster by any means. We're... Continue Reading →

Hosting like a boss (or at least not crying in to the gravy) 

On the sixth day of parenting, my toddler gave to me, a tantrum and a dirty nappy... Actually he does that most days! I'm sure you've already picked up some fabulous tips from Mummy Fever on how to survive the holidays as a host, so in honour of their blog, and all the others in this... Continue Reading →

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