Today You Turn Three

Happy Birthday little man, 3 years, That's crazy!

Breaking the (Dummy) Habit

Pre children, I swore dummies (paci/pacifier to some of you!) were horrible plastic things designed for lazy parents and destined to cause a lifetime of dental and speech problems. (Oh to be the naive judgey pre babies me once again! Ha. I'd slap myself!)  Then I had children, and everything changed! (Because that never happens!) ... Continue Reading →

Lazy ways of a stay at home mama. 

I wake to the sound of spoons clinking on bowls and grumble about the TV volume. Baby girl opens her big grey brown eyes and unlatches from the breast with a dramatic smack of her lips. The teen announces that she is off to school, and Hubby walks in the room fresh faced from his... Continue Reading →

Cooking up a storm (disaster!) 

I'm not a proud baker. Not in the slightest. I think cakes and bakes have always been a matter of luck rather than charm or talent (and a hefty dose of "cheating") Yes, Dr Oetker, and Betty Crocker I'm looking at you!  It's probably a good thing. Because now we have the toddler. Baking has... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side Of Mama

"I must shout less"  I hear myself say it. The little angel on my shoulder claps with glee. Yes! Shout less she says. You'll be happier.  Shouting makes me miserable. Yet  still I do it. I do it all the time. Every time I hear myself shout, I hate myself a little more.  The shouting isn't... Continue Reading →

Domestic goddess; Pupa

This week hopefully marks the beginning of a turning point in the general cleanliness and day to day running of the household.  I've had 3 very exciting deliveries:  1) Vax Carpet cleaner. 2) Vax steam mop/cleaner 3) The life changing magic of tidying- Marie Kondo   The house isn't a disaster by any means. We're... Continue Reading →

Hosting like a boss (or at least not crying in to the gravy) 

On the sixth day of parenting, my toddler gave to me, a tantrum and a dirty nappy... Actually he does that most days! I'm sure you've already picked up some fabulous tips from Mummy Fever on how to survive the holidays as a host, so in honour of their blog, and all the others in this... Continue Reading →

Noël à la Cripps 

It's day 4 already! Doesn't time fly when you're blogging! Thank you for joining in our festive blog hop where we have lots of prizes to be won! (Full details can be found on Mummieswaiting and all entries to be completed via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.) Hello to those of you... Continue Reading →

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