Domestic goddess; Pupa

This week hopefully marks the beginning of a turning point in the general cleanliness and day to day running of the household. 
I’ve had 3 very exciting deliveries: 

1) Vax Carpet cleaner.

2) Vax steam mop/cleaner

3) The life changing magic of tidying- Marie Kondo

The house isn’t a disaster by any means. We’re not wallowing in filth, the bottom of the washing basket isn’t an uncommon discovery and there are always clean cups for guests to have a hot drink but somehow it has been bothering me, it doesn’t feel spotless and there are parts of each room that irk me incessantly. 

I am part of a Facebook group “motivating messy mummies” which helps to keep me on top of basic household chores, and is also the place I found the link to the bargain Carpet washer and steam cleaner during the Boxing Day sales thanks to another mama excitedly sharing her purchase. A total saving of over £300!   


Delivery number 1

I tried the carpet cleaner this evening, ( Vax Rapide ultra 2) on our bedroom carpet that had a  particularly  horrible Make up stain on it dating back to the day I learnt that the toddler can climb the furniture and undo the zip on my make up bag! At 15kg, the carpet cleaner isn’t light but even at 6 months pregnant was very easy to assemble and use. The results are verging on WOW, as you can see from the photos. The carpet felt dry to touch immediately after I’d finished cleaning, and was dry enough to walk on without getting damp socks in just 1-2 hours (although Vax suggest 4 hours)  

Make up spillage thanks to the Toddler
the make up mark after applying the pre treatment spray
Afterwards! Amazing results!

Even hubby had a go!
Delivery number 2

The steam cleaner as of yet,hasn’t  worked any miracles but I’ve only used it to clean the kitchen and bathroom floors. The convenience and safety aspect of a steam cleaner over a good old mop and bucket is great, especially with a marauding toddler who is more than happy to plunge his hands in a bucket of bleach given half a chance! I have yet to use all the other accessories that came with the steamer, but will be sure to do a full review as soon as I’ve tried them (the oven and grout on the tiles being on my “deep clean”  hit list!) 

Delivery number 3

The book. 

The Marie Kondo (or KonMari) method is supposed to be life changing, in that it helps you declutter your house for the better, make it minimalist if you like, (yes, even with children) and generally gives you a different perspective on things, their place in your home and the way you feel about them. I have yet to read the book, but will start it just as soon as I have finished my latest Jack Reacher (in the next few hours then! I’m a fast reader, and Reacher is quite un-put-down-able) I have joined a Facebook group (KonMari Uk) and so far their posts have been very inspiring! I’m looking forward to getting started , but also quite apprehensive as it can be a huge task! 
That’s it for now! I’ll update progress with the cleaners and the KonMari method as soon as I have anything interesting to report! 
Ciao lovelies! 

Zx i

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