Does the recent report about the benefits of breastfeeding put pressure on mums?


Just scroll down till you see it.
Personally. I say no. Stating facts about BF is simply that. A statement of facts. It’s not there to pressurise. It’s there to inform! 
Breastfeeding is tough. That’s for sure. The best thing anyone said to me when I started on my breastfeeding journey was “you trusted your body to grow your baby, now trust your body to feed him” 

Very few women are physically incapable of breastfeeding, but because they have little understanding of breastfeeding (and little support telling them what is and isn’t normal) they doubt themselves, and switch to formula believing they are “failing” 

There should be a lot more support out there for breastfeeding mamas. I’m fully on board with the #Normalisebreastfeeding campaign. Not to alienate bottle mums, but because if breastfeeding IS the norm, then there will be more knowledge and support our there, and maybe one day, FF mum’s will stop jumping on BF related posts with ** I don’t like this, because-Guilt**
No woman should feel guilty. Ever. 

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