Day 20

Randomly the other day, I chose to donate to a strangers charity page. This stranger has a mutual friend who had shared his JustGiving link. The stranger in question is running the London Marathon to raise funds for children with Cancer. His story resonated with me, and as a mother and brain tumour survivor I felt compelled to donate.

In return, amongst all the donations this gent has already received, he dedicated his training run the next day to myself.

It’s the small things in this world that give you a happy feeling. Paul. Thank you!

Best of luck for your marathon!


Zoe, I don’t know you, never met you, but I am so very thankful for your support in trying to raise much needed funds – and awareness – for the charity Children with Cancer. And for sharing your story with me (in short). Thank you, this is your run!

After what felt like ruining just about every joint and muscle in my body over the last few days, climaxing in yesterday’s 19k run, I was convinced I would find and use just about any excuse to NOT run today. But what do you know. I woke up feeling great, not too stiff, and quite rested and up for the weeks worth of work, training and other unexpected curve balls life might have in store this week. So come lunchtime I was actually liking the idea of hitting the Thames Walk eastwards, a clear sky and warm temperature, and a casual…

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