Today You Turn Three

Happy Birthday little man, 3 years, That's crazy!

Pride Before a Fall

 Day 3 of Vivienne being Earth side.  8:05 am, cue me, in tears calling the midwifery team.  My daughter is 3 days old, I'm breastfeding her and she's swallowing blood. She's my second child and I just cannot do this anymore. I cannot do this.   Just like that. After 18.5 months of breastfeeding Sebastien,... Continue Reading →

A new chapter 

Tonight, for the first time in just over two weeks Sebastien asked for boob. Most certainly prompted by a visit from a dear friend who is breastfeeding her almost toddler. It was excruciating. He tried to latch on both breasts, and it felt like he was biting me. It took all my strength not to... Continue Reading →

Birth: Our story 

People love nothing more, when they see you waddling towards them, with your rounded ready-to-pop belly, than to relay to you all the crazy, scary, bloody gooey details of any birth they have seen/experienced/heard about/seen on tv etc.¬†Birth, on the grand scale of things, is a very very small part of becoming a parent, at... Continue Reading →

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