Breaking the (Dummy) Habit

Pre children, I swore dummies (paci/pacifier to some of you!) were horrible plastic things designed for lazy parents and destined to cause a lifetime of dental and speech problems. (Oh to be the naive judgey pre babies me once again! Ha. I'd slap myself!)  Then I had children, and everything changed! (Because that never happens!) ... Continue Reading →

Mama In Crisis

My Dad once told me about a button. A button, that on the front says press to test. Naturally, You press it, but as soon as you press it the little display flashes up with release to detonate. This is where I am right now. My finger firmly pressed on the button; stuck. Petrified of... Continue Reading →

Lazy ways of a stay at home mama. 

I wake to the sound of spoons clinking on bowls and grumble about the TV volume. Baby girl opens her big grey brown eyes and unlatches from the breast with a dramatic smack of her lips. The teen announces that she is off to school, and Hubby walks in the room fresh faced from his... Continue Reading →

The worst day 

I wrote this a few hours after going to the morgue to identify my fathers body. I will never forget how he looked. I will never forget how it felt to stand in that room with bile rising in my throat whilst answering inane questions.  I will never forget the hero that Mike was that... Continue Reading →

An open Letter to M&S 

Way back in January, when feeling suitably whale sized in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I stumbled across a Facebook page called "boob or bust" they helped me get out of my ill fitting bra, and in to one that would support me and my expanding bosom to the end of pregnancy and beyond.  7... Continue Reading →

From one Mama to another 

Social media can be a glorious thing.  A few days ago (OK, maybe 2 weeks) a tweet popped up on my Twitter TL from a mama I have been following and sporadically interacting with for a few months.  Jules, like myself, is a mum, a blogger and reaching out to other mamas when she feels... Continue Reading →

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