The worst day 

I wrote this a few hours after going to the morgue to identify my fathers body. I will never forget how he looked. I will never forget how it felt to stand in that room with bile rising in my throat whilst answering inane questions. 
I will never forget the hero that Mike was that day. He was my pillar of strength where I only felt darkness. 

Swollen eyes, 

purple rimmed. 

Numb. Cold. Unfeeling. 

Hollow, no pulse. 

Heart in my throat, still. 

Like yours. 

Not beating. 

The silence that deafens. 

Your ears. 

Not hearing. 

Eyes closed against grief. 



The touch that holds me as I crumble. 

Your love. 

I miss you Daddy. 

3 thoughts on “The worst day 

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  1. I can only imagine how painful this must have been to write and I can feel the grief in your words. I’m so sorry for your loss, but so pleased that you had the support that you needed in Mike. Dawn x

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      1. I can only imagine. Our parents are such a fundamental part of who we are, I can’t imagine it ever becomes easy to accept that they aren’t here with us any more. x


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