This is my “go to” dessert when hosting  a dinner party, or when invited to BBQ’s etc. 
I’ve only made it a few times, I tend to be the kind of person that throws it all together and hopes for the best! I also swap and change ingredients around a lot, as I like to experiment! 

This week was my first attempt at a jelly/fruit glaze. 
  The very first time I made a cheesecake, I blended raspberries directly in to the cream cheese mix, but then it didn’t set properly. I’ve also tried just topping with sliced fruit, but it tends to fall off! 

The Cheesecake itself is very sweet, and needs the tangy fruit to break up the sweetness. 

I tend to serve with crumbled Meringue. It would also be lovely with a Raspberry sorbet. 

I’m sure you could replace the white Chocolate with dark/milk Chocolate. And replace the caster sugar with Muscovado sugar. 

You can also add a few tablespoons of Baileys to the cheesecake layer for a more adult dessert. 
My Method: 


Mix 250g “crumbed” digestive biscuits, 100g melted butter and one vanilla pod (or a spoon of vanilla sugar) Press firmly in to 9″ cake tin

Leave to set in the fridge for at least an hour (cover with cling film to avoid the biscuits absorbing and fridge smells!) 


600g cream cheese, 300g melted white chocolate, 400ml double cream and 50g caster sugar.  Whisk thoroughly, and pour on to base. (Leave to set for 6 hours/overnight in the fridge) 

Jelly glaze;

250g seedless raspberry jam, dissolved over a high heat with a glug or 3 of champagne/sparkling wine, then mixed with Gelatin (dissolved in 8 tablespoons of boiling water) so it sets 

 Pour over the cheesecake whilst still hot, and leave to set in the fridge for 2 hours. 
Voilà cheesecake!


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