I’ve been nominated by Daddy Poppins in the #rockingmotherhood blog series. I’ve been pondering what to write ever since the tweet popped up yesterday morning. Celebrating my “success” as a mother is actually hard. Not because I suck at it, (well not completely) but because I worry I won’t be able to write this in a way that doesn’t make me sound conceited.  

So here is a list of 10 things I do or have done that to me mean I’m #rockingmotherhood

1) I don’t always wipe snot with my sleeve. 

Occasionally I’m out with friends who have actual packets of tissues and I get to use those instead of my sleeve (or the child’s bib, a passing cat etc) 

2) I always get the kids dressed by lunch time. 

Ok most days the kids are dressed by lunchtime. Mornings are often spent doing messy play like throwing breakfast up the walls, mushing apple in to the settee and peeing on the floor (the toddler, not me) there’s no point changing the kids in to fresh clothes until they’ve had a few hours being feral (playing) 

3) I’m raising bilingual children.

We speak French and English at home. More English admittedly, but they respond to French and toddler can count just as well in both languages. Actually. The toddler is trilingual if you count his fluency in swear words. 

4) I still look presentable. 

I’m owning my post pregnancy figure. In fact I’ve lost all my baby weight and then some. I dress well and I feel good about the way I look. That twiglet over there tottering about in ridiculous heels and trying not to throw her double Icandy off the kerb. Yeah. That’s me. 

5) I cook from scratch, and do lots of baking and messy play with the kids. 

We have done BLW (baby led weaning) with both children. We love to bake and play with Playdoh and craft stuff and dig for worms in the garden or go out on walks and when it’s time to eat they love a bit of Salmon en croûte, lentils, a hunk of medium rare steak, green beans, brocoli, carrots, sweet potato wedges, etc. We’ll ignore that they have chocolate/sweets and Pom bears most days too.

6) They’re both breastfed. 

This is a big one for me, and one of the goals I set myself from the minute those first lines appeared on a pregnancy test. Toddler was breastfed until he was 18 months old. Squish (our daughter) is still going strong at 11 months. The nursing aversions, the pain, bleeding nipples and endless hours of cluster feeding, the milk stains on my favourite shirt and having to readjust my entire wardrobe so that boobs are always accessible is worth it when I see my babies tracking the 99.6th percentile for weight. (And who doesn’t love a squishy baby!) 

7) I’m always there for other mums. 

Motherhood can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be lonely. If you need a friend, I’m there. Often with bonus cake that the toddler and I have thrown together. I also have a handy sleeve for those snotty tears when you’re having a really bad day. 

8) I still make time for Hubby and I. 

Obviously; How do you think we had more than one child? 

9) I put them first and apologise when I get it wrong. 

Yup. Swallow my pride right up and tell the toddler mummy was wrong when she shouted. I’m not scared to apologise to my children or admit that I wasn’t being fair. There are days when the kids have me rocking in a corner, but as an adult I can for the most part manage my emotions (well, once I’ve had a coffee or 5) on the days where I don’t do so well, it’s important to me to reassure the kids that it’s ok and it’s not their fault. They are my world.Baby wants more boob? That’s ok.I can wait 20 minutes to go pee. 

10) I’m calm in an emergency. 

There’s nothing more terrifying than seeing your babies unwell or in pain. The toddler has stopped breathing more than once and we’re on first name terms with quite a few of the paramedics but whether it’s a life threatening emergency or just a hang nail I’m cool as a cucumber until it’s all over. 

Now I need to think who to nominate! Agh. The pressure! It’s like being back at school and having to pick  a team for netball!

 I nominate @mamagriggs because she is ace at motherhood, but doesn’t always see it, so hopefully writing this post will remind her just how awesome she is 

@moderndadpages because nominating a dad isn’t controversial, plus he looks ace in make up (and has better eyebrows than me!) and

 @Frenchiemummy just because she’s a fellow Frenchie and fabuleuse! 

(If you’ve not been tagged, it doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re fabulous, and you’re very welcome you to join in from this post if you would like to:) 
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