The time is here, a Year has passed,
It has all gone terribly fast.
Just yesterday I’m sure you were still tiny new,
with crumpled face and newborn hue. 

You are still my babe in arms, my tiny one, full of charm.
Your big hazel eyes and squishy rolls. The way you chuckle, your tiny toes.
I’ve breathed in every minute of you. The sleepless nights- the explosive poo but still I feel time has run away. Your baby face fading every day.
As you chase your brother up the stairs pull the cats tail or daddy’s chest hairs, throw your food around the lounge, demand yet more boob, or won’t settle down, my wild and free child, my little lady, alas, I’m reminded you are no longer a baby.
Today you turn one, 365 days old Your first year earth side has been an adventure, with tears, love, laughter and so much to treasure.

Happy first Birthday my darling, I love you, always. 

Cuddle Fairy
Rhyming with Wine