We have one shot. (Please don’t let us screw up) 

Oh good lord. What are we doing? Tomorrow we move house for the 4th time in less than 2 years… But this time we move a toddler, a nosey, climbing everything, oh look someone left the front door open, “I’m freeeee” kind of toddler, who will probably turn me completely grey before tomorrow is done, and we move a teenager. An awkward, budding teenager, at that “not a girl, not yet a woman” stage, conscious of her body, but still not quite capable of sitting appropriately in a skirt, or quite aware why those shorts are just too short. 

 Claire and I 


I’ll be glad, when her room is set up. When we can send her to bed at 8pm (lights out at 8.30) so that hubby and I can have some quality time together in the evenings, but also so she can go and do whatever teenagers do in the privacy of her own room. 
 Cushion’s and stuff for her room 
 I’m excited, but anxious to see her blossom in to a confident young woman, worried that somehow we’ll screw it up, that we’ll be overprotective and embarrassing, or too “standoffish”and make her feel like we don’t care. 
I worry about her bond with Sebastien, she’s amazing with him, but it worries me how good she is, I don’t want her to be a teenage mum (not because I have anything against teenage mum’s but because she has so much to offer the world, before she becomes a mum, she is a kind, nurturing and wonderful young woman, and although she would step in to motherhood like and estuary flows in to the sea. She just. Well. I just want to see her do well I want her to stretch her wings and see the world through those beautiful purple grey eyes of hers. 

So as I sit here, surrounded by boxes, slightly (very!) stressed about tomorrow, I realise that tomorrow isn’t the stressful part, none of it is really stressful, but my gosh. Mike and I are now parents to a teen. We have the worlds biggest learning curve ahead of us, a path that we are so excited, yet so apprehensive to travel down. 

Now. Do you think Claire will be able to hang her own curtains? Unpack her own room? We shall see! New house and (hopefully) “how we managed not to screw up the teen” blog posts to follow! 

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  1. I’m sure you’ll be able to leave her room to her. She’ll love organising it herself. There are lots of wonderful new adventures ahead of you in your new home. Good luck with the move, it is such a stressful time! Thanks so much for joining us at #TweensTeensBeyond we really appreciate your support.


  2. It sounds like the start of an exciting new chapter for you all. It is wonderful that your daughter is wanting to be involved with her younger siblings, the bond in a family can never be too strong. The teenage journey is a fascinating one but one that definitely benefits from a strong family relationship to support them along the way and you clearly have that so celebrate it. I love the picture of the two of you together. Hope the move was smooth and you have a calm and relaxing weekend. Hope to see you again. #TweensTeensBeyond


  3. Wow, you have a lot on your plate with moving and pleasing all of those different age groups! That sounds like a lot of plate spinning but also some great help from Claire too. Dying to know if she manages the curtains – some feat if she does!! I wish you luck with unpacking whilst keeping stairgates and doors closed and skirt hems to the right length!! Happy New Home. Thanks so much for joining us at #TweensTeensBeyond, it’s lovely to have you here. Nicky

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    1. Thank you Nicky! She did everything but the curtains. She’s been with us for 18 months now (and we’ve added another baby to the brood!) her room is always spotlessly clean which is amazing, and the skirt hens are finally where they should be! Thank you so much for having me on #TweensTeensBeyond x

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