10 for 10 Blogger Award

I have a “to do” list as long as my arm when it comes to posts that I need to write (oops!) but that hasn’t stopped the lovely Cheryl who blogs over at MummyOf5Miracles  nominating me for the 10 for 10 blogger award. It’s really lovely that other bloggers still think of you even when you’ve not been on top of your game. So thank you, Cheryl! 
I will get to my other posts soon, but this one is just too fun to miss, and it’s been on my mind since I was nominated a few hours ago! 

First things first:

The small print (rules!) 

1 – Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post.

2 – Copy and paste the rules into your post.

3 – List 5 famous people who are in your exemption list and explain why (an exemption list is a list of famous people you could do naughty things with and be exempt from punishment by your significant other). For anyone who is currently not in possession of a significant other, please just list 5 famous people you would love to (shag!) meet.

4 – List 5 people you would invite to a dinner party and explain why. These must consist of ;
2 famous people who are alive,
2 famous people who are deceased
1 famous fictional character.

5 – Nominate 10 bloggers to play along.

My exemption List

This is actually more difficult than I thought it would be. Are there really 5 other people in this world I’d happily drop my pants for? I’m not convinced. 

Edit* that’s a lie! One look at my Pinterest Board will tell you exactly who they are:

1. Angelina Jolie

Yes. She. Yes she’s like Marmite, you either love her or hate her, I personally admire her. She’s not “just an actress”, she’s also a special Envoy for the UNHCR.
She’s a beautiful, articulate and powerful woman that uses her power (mostly) for good. Also, she seems to have a slightly unhinged streak. Totally girl crush. 

2. Jason Statham

I don’t even know why. He just does something for me. 

3. Prince Harry 

I know Hooks and Dragons has already laid claim to this particular redhead, and I’m totally in agreement with her. 
Hes a prince
Hes ginger
He looks like he’d be a really dirty lay. 

4. David Duchovny
One of the first shows I ever watched was the X files, I used to pretend I wasn’t scared, just so I could watch a bit more David on screen! 

Also, he drinks tea. What’s not to love? 

5. Rachel Weisz 

    She’s beautiful. Like really beautiful. I think I’d actually have to fight Mike for her, as she’s definitely on his list too. Or maybe a threesome. There’s a thought. 

    Dinner party guests


    1. Graham Norton
    (Not to be confused with Edward Norton!) 
    The-always-wears-amazing-Suits-and-has-his-own-TV-show Irish bloke. He seems like a lot of fun, and he drinks wine by the bucket load. I also love listening to him on radio 2. He would definitely bring a sense of fun to the table (not that I’m not hilarious anyway!) 

    2. David Tennant  
    He should probably be in my exclusion list rather than my guest list, but I think he’s quite articulate, so would make a great opponent for the post dinner board games. He also seems like the one most likely to enjoy a glass of Scotch and a Cigar. 


    1.Alan Rickman
    As long as he promises to dig his dessert out with a spoon! 😉 

    2.My Dearest Darling Daddy . 
    Ok ok. He wasn’t technically famous, but he was an extra in a film with Demi Moore, and he’s been in Welsh sitcoms, AND he wrote a computer program that is still used today. (EH-Basic for those of you that are interested) Also, I really really miss him, and that chance to sit down with him one last time. I’d do anything for a few more minutes of his company. 


    Cat Woman
    Purely so I can get her off her face on tequila and steal her thigh high FMB’s (F**k me boots, just in case you didn’t know)

    Now, I know some (most) of you are way (better) busier bloggers than I,  and this post may not suit your blogging style, so I totally won’t be upset if you can’t “make it to dinner”  all the same, my nominations are: 




    A blonde and a baby 

    Autumns mummy

    A mundane Sarah 

    Daddy poppins

    Raw childhood



    6 thoughts on “10 for 10 Blogger Award

    Add yours

    1. That is a seriously mucky pic of Prince Harry. I hadn’t actually considered him before, but now you mention it…

      I really wish that you could have that dinner with your dad Zoe. Big hugs – Thanks so much for the nomination. We’re just about to move house (eek!) so it might take me a while but it’s such a fab tag I’d love to take part xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh yikes! Moving house is always fun! We’ve moved 11 times in 7 years, so I get just how hectic it can be (not to mention waiting for the new internet connection!)
        I hope it all goes smoothly! Are you using professional removals?

        Yeah. Prince Harry. That’s the photo that made me go “oooh hello” too! Xxx

        Liked by 1 person

        1. We’re actually only moving about 2 mins up the road so we’re hoping to do it ourselves. Eek. You sound as experienced at moving as I am! I think this will be my 25th move. 🙊 Although we haven’t moved for 5 years so I’m totally out of practice! Thanks for the giggles of a Monday morning! Xx

          Liked by 1 person

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